Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Yarn Along with odds and ends

It has been a tumultuous few days here in North Texas as we dodge storms. The damage to the north in Oklahoma has been devastating and prayers are going up for everyone.


It is Yarn Along day with Ginny at Small Things and I have two projects to present to you!

The Aranami Shawl is coming along.  I have begun the 3rd of the color wedges.  I find this a relaxing little project as it is all garter stitch.

Next week we head out of town on the first of our two summer trips and my plan is to find 5 sock yarns that will work for the next shawl.  I have been knitting this in sport weight because I had it on hand, but can see that fingering weight will make it more wearable in milder temps.

I have also begun the second of the blankets for my new grandson.  My oldest daughter wanted a cabled blanket, so I chose the Debbie Bliss Cabled Blanket from Simply Baby.  I have used this book before and it has delightful patterns.

The poor lighting in my house makes this look blue, but it is a wonderful turquoise pima cotton.

I have 2 books on the nightstand.

Many of you are watching the PBS series Larkrise to Candleford. I highly recommend finding a copy of the book.  It is a pleasant read and gives so many details that the programming leaves out.  I really love reading about the ends and outs of living at all stages of history.

I paused for a short while with The Summer if the Great Grandmother. It has been a hard read for me after the time I cared for my own mother in her last years.  I will finish it, but needed a little breather.

It was amazing to be able to capture the opening of my Easter lilies today.

This time frame was about 8 hours.  You can see the remnants of the storms that passed through today.

The Rapunzel dress for my granddaughter is complete.  Tomorrow I will get the head measurements so I can make the yarn headpiece.  She must have the long hair to really be a princess!

I also did a little updating to the drapes on our back door.  I found this shower curtain that I loved and thought it would be the right length.  Alas it was not, so I added a border along the bottom and trimmed the seam with fringe.

There are lots of ways to use pre-made fabrics in ways they were not intended.  I love the challenge of finding ways to make my home beautiful, but at a low cost. These turned out lovely.

So, what are you knitting and reading?  I can't wait to see!

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  1. Your baby cable blanket is really pretty, I have Simply Baby and really have loved that book, but then again it is Debbie Bliss and I'm partial to her.
    I keep intending to pick up Lark Rise to Candleford but have found myself caught up in an Anthony Esolen book recommended on LMLD. I plan to finally join in to the yarn along later today, once I get some good photos (the rain and cloudy skies makes for poor pictures)

    1. I have several DB books! The difficulty is using varied yarns other than hers. I received your email! So glad to know you are reasonably close!

  2. Nice projects!

    The L'Engle book progresses to her memories of her own childhood and then her Mother's world...so it is a varied and beautiful book and once you get past the first part you will not be dealing word-by-word with the grief/caring-taking part, FYI.

    Blessings to you ~ I've heard that the other book is quite wonderful! :)

    1. Good to know! I plan on taking it on our trip!

  3. I hope you find the magical yarn! Love the cabled baby blanket it's going to be so soft and squishy, perfect for a little one :)

  4. Love the cable blanket pattern. Hope the storms continue to stay away.

  5. I'd love to knit the cable blanket someday; I need to put it in my favorites on Ravelry. My almost three year old would LOVE a Rapunzel dress; it's pretty. Praying you stay safe from the storms.

  6. love your aranami....it's on my list (the short---really want to do...list!!!) and the dress!!!!!!!!!!! gosh, you are good!