Thursday, May 23, 2013


Linking up this morning with Aunt Leila at Like Mother Like Daughter because :
It's important to maintain the collective memory


I finished the dress for Miss Lilah Grace for her birthday. She is so into being a Princess and loves the movie Tangled.  I am working on the hair which is a long braid that wraps around her head and continues down her back.  She will be so surprised!
 This time next week Mr. Golfer and I will be on a plane!  His annual golf trip is in Traverse City, Michigan this year and we are flying into Chicago so that I can spend 4 days with my best friend in South Bend, Ind.  She has it all planned out and I know that 2 days involve yarn!
We had a very busy morning yesterday.  I put the two older girls at the table for lunch and sat down to feed the baby.  It got very quiet and when I went over to see why....this is what I found!  Bless her heart!


 I know I did an entire post on this 2 days ago, but I am still so thrilled that I had the opportunity to meet Ann Voskamp on Monday night!  She was speaking at an event near me and I could not go.  We have emailed in the past and I told her on her Facebook page I was coming.  She knew me!  It was wonderful and so is she!
I cannot write this post without being aware that just north of us people have had their lives destroyed from tornadoes.  The skies are clear today, but we lift our hearts and hands in prayer for those suffering


  1. Found your site through LMLD. Love the sleeping baby!

  2. Your granddaughter is going to be thrilled with her Tangled Costume - so very pretty! I love the photo of you with Ann, you both look lovely and are just glowing - must have been a great night!

  3. oooh, that costume dress is adorable! I hope you show the braid, too, when it's done. My girl would love that, too.

  4. The dress is so sweet! And wow, to meet Ann Voskamp, I wish she'd come to Alaska. God Bless You!

  5. That is a beautiful dress. You are a good seamstress. I am also sad about the people in Oklahoma and a little nervous each day here in Texas. You just never know.