Thursday, June 20, 2013

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Just a disclaimer that all my photos this week were with my iPhone.  The big camera just didn't seem to be handy!

Tuesdays are my regular knitting group day.  We have another lady at our group who is Milo's owner or caregiver as she would say. I had not seen Milo before, but had heard her speak of him every week.  I have never been a fan of caged birds, and really still am not, but I had a chance to meet and hold Milo this week and I was quite smitten.  Milo is an Eastern Hemisphere Parrot.  He was abused as a young bird and was recued by the Sanctuary here.  He loves women and just cuddled into be when I started stroking him.
I won't ever be a bird owner, but I did enjoy getting to know Milo.
{ Happy}

My youngest daughter, Mary, who is an RN, had the day off yesterday and came to make cookies with Patrick.  He and I have been doing this together since he was old enough to stand at the counter. We had some great cookies for dessert last night!


Monday was tent building day.  It was rainy outside and the perfect day to be cozy.
There are some real important things happening here.  Hopefully in a few days I can write about it.  For right now, just keep us in your prayers.
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  1. love these pictures! very cute! Prayers. Will light a candle...

  2. I love all the photos and that really is a pretty bird! I so wish I had a knitting group, I could use some pointers that experienced knitters lend. Sorry to comment to quickly in the previous post, truly I feel bad about that.

  3. we seem to entertain our grands in much the same way......all week long we had a 'tent' in place, and one of the two boys who lives near me can now make those cookies on his own (he's 9) with just a bit of overseeing!!!! Hope your important things have gone well!!!