Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Days

Although the first day of summer is two days away, here the days have already heated up. We have been getting periodic showers, some during the night, and the mornings are still sweater cool.

When the days begin to heat up, the Crepe Myrtles also begin to pop open.

What I love so much about these wonderful, low maintenance trees is that the branches are soft enough to allow cutting for bringing inside.  I should have some to show you tomorrow.

The only blues in the garden are these salvia. This year they are larger and more vibrant.  Is that due to age, temperature, or soil?  Thoughts?

The flax that traveled in my checked baggage from Indiana has survived and is thriving.

There is a sea of coneflower.  These need to be thinned dramatically and if the evening permits, I may get to it.

Do you notice that little spot of hanging yellow to the left?  There are two hanging lanterns for candles at the beginning of the path. Because of our hot temps, the candles cannot stay in the lanterns at all times.  I would have a blob of wax on the ground!  My grandson is fascinated with adding trinkets to those lanterns and currently they are full of yellow duckies.  Memories.

The hard concrete porch has been bare, so Mr. Golfer took me to my favorite little garden shop and we purchased this beautiful split leaf philodendron.  It is about 2 1/2 feet wide.

I have a collection of old quilts.  Many of them made by my grandmother and some I purchased on my own.  This little Sun Bonnet Sue is attempting to add some cheer to the porch space.  I really have a lot of work to do back here.  Any suggestions?

It is "no grandchildren Tuesday" so I am off to get tasks completed!  Have a wonderful day!


  1. I love that the candle is full of duckies, so cute. Your garden is breathtaking!
    Congratulations on the job!!!

  2. Crepe myrtles are really too beautiful to be mere trees. And I LOVE your coneflowers...I wish I could have an unruly patch of them! Your porch sounds like a welcoming place; could we please get some more photos of it?