Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Pretties

Last week I was able to visit three yarns shops and a grocery store!  Yes, I bought yarn in a grocery store in New Brunswick. Imagine!  I think the US ought to adopt that strategy!

Specifically, I knew on this trip I was visiting Cottage Craft Woolens.  They are the oldest wool shop in Canada and I truly was looking for good wool.  On arrival, our B&B owner told us the shop had gone into bankruptcy and was closed.  My heart sank!  Mr. Golfer and I took a walk into the village for dinner and passed by the shop.  There was an open banner on the wall, so maybe all was not lost.

The next morning after Mass, I walked back down to the shop and sure enough they were open.  We talked a little about their status and they assured me they were very much open, but the town was trying to condemn the building.  Indeed, the building is old and the water has taken its toll.  The current owners really didn't seem to know much about yarn.  The inventory was rather low.  But, I had come with a particular project in mind and the colors there were very nice.

The color in this picture is all off.  No mater where I moved it to the color was just not right.  It is a beautiful emerald green.  I have a project from the Ebook Botanical Knits that it is destined for. Cottage Craft Woolens buys their yarn from the Briggs and Little Mill.  I didn't know that at the time.  They just put their tag on it, which I am not sure is proper.

To the east of St. Andrew By the Sea is the town of St. Stephen.  There sits the Wool Emporium.  No website for me to link to, but it is a quiet little shop with as much sewing as knitting.  They have an entire wall of Briggs and Little Yarn and since the first shop only had worsted weight, I took the opportunity to pick up a little fingering weight wool to mix with another more stretchable yarn.  I seem to have a green theme so far!  Although it does say sport, this is a size 2-3 needle.

Another fingering skein from that same shop. This is Lily Rose Woolens in the Honeycrisp Apple colorway.
On Monday, Mr. Golfer played the course he had come to play and I took the car over to the peninsula east of us, Black's Bay.  It is home to Cricket Cove.  Now this is a yarn shop! Stocked from floor to ceiling with all lovelies!

I played with this a little while we were still on the trip, so the ball band is off. It is a fingering wool from Shurwolle.  I love the color changes!
Another yarn called Opal from Germany.  I saw these made up in the shop and love the striping.  This will be just a plain vanilla sock.

These were the most fun.  On my visit to Kingsbrae Garden ( this post) I met the alpaca that so graciously donated his coat.  100% Alpaca. Thank you !

I always find it most charming to gather yarns form far away places.  I am a lover of stories ( much to my girls chagrin).  So look for posts in the future on the " pretties" to come!

Tomorrow is Yarn Along!  Join us with Ginny!


  1. I think it's so much fun to shop for yarn in a place that you've never been and will probably never see again. It's an adventure. Then, when you are knitting the yarn, you remember when you bought it and relive the adventure. I especially like the apple colors, but they are all beautiful.

    1. That is how I have always felt. I just love stories behind items. I have so many stories in my house. I hop my girls remember them!

  2. The Honeycrisp makes me want to run to the fridge for one. .. but it's too early yet. Amazing how realistic it is. I love Opal - it makes indestructible toasty socks -but don't see out often.