Sunday, July 21, 2013

Week Ending Vol 13

~ capturing the weekend in pictures Friday through Monday

Re-inventing Mother

Welcome back!  As you remember, Mr. Golfer and I were on R&R last weekend.  You may have guessed from reading a few posts that it was wonderful!  I have spent the days since our return with hands and arms full of grandchildren!  The golf clubs and dirty laundry arrive Fed Ex tomorrow, so guess what is in my future!

 Tuesday I plan on doing a post on the yarn I bought.  Come back and see me!

I guess I do need to explain this one.  Patrick wanted to build with his trains but Rachel is into everything. So we created a barricade from various pieces in the entry hall so he could create!

Although it rained almost the entire time we were away, I still had potted plants to attend to when we returned.  Thank goodness the cool temps kept these safe.
Today is my oldest daughter's 6th wedding anniversary.  We kept the girls last night so they could go out to dinner.  I made these pillowcase dresses a few weeks ago, but it was their first time to wear them.

Patrick and Rachel were here today and Mr. Golfer was home as well.  He said it wore him out.  :)) They built trains up out of the reach of " destructo baby"!

 And flew planes outside.


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  1. looks like a wonderful time ~ if exhausting to love and care for the grandkids! so glad for you!

  2. The kids are adorable!! I love the barricade. When mine were little the oldest loved puzzles and building things....his sister, (15 months younger and miss tear-everything-apart); so long after the playpen should have been taken down, he would toss stuff into the playpen, climb in and seclude himself from her and play happily for hours. Usually the only disruption was when she started screaming to get in the playpen, too!!! (go figure!)

    can't wait to see the yarn purchases......souvenir yarn!!! I LOVE IT!!!!