Thursday, July 25, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} iPhone Edition

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All my pics for this week were captured with my phone.  I just was not in places where toting a big camera was reasonable. But boy are there some cute pics!

This past weekend we had some nice showers.  The granddaughters were here overnight and while we were out on the back porch, they got a little brave. Lilah ( second pic) has had a fear of water, even wetting her feet. She will get in the bathtub without a problem, but doesn't like to walk in puddles.  In fact she will skirt wide around them.  She has had swimming lessons the last couple of weeks and while it was  a rough start, she now is comfortable enough to play in the rain!  Evelyn didn't want to get out in it, but was brave enough to get very close.


I had a full day with just this one.  Teething is proving painful for little Rachel and we are having to find many diversions.   This afternoon was cooler than predicted, so we enjoyed some time on the swing while brother slept.

I texted my daughter after this was taken with the following message.  " I'm not behaving today mommy!  Not following my schedule for Grandmother and I don't want to sleep!"

We went on a walk this morning to enjoy the cool temps.  Patrick learned how to " burn rubber" with his bicycle.  The neighborhood sidewalks looked like they were filled with dotted lines!


Many weeks ago I wrote in this same spot about the decision to return to work because of health insurance.  Well that has not happened. One, because I have not been able to find a position and two, because the older daughters NEED me to help with the grandchildren.
Mr. Golfer and I have talked and prayed at great length about this decision. We really cannot begin to be comfortable with these precious children not being cared for by family.  I was sitting at the kitchen table a couple of weeks ago reading and heard that "voice" say, " How can you be so pro life and not take care of the ones you have?"  Really?  Thank you God for throwing that right in front of me!  And then this:
 "When your ordinary work or business is not specially engrossing, let your heart be fixed more on God than on it; and if the work be such as to require your undivided attention, then pause from time to time and look to God, even as navigators who make for the haven they would attain, by looking up at the heavens rather than down upon the deeps on which they sail. So doing, God will work with you, in you, and for you, and your work will be blessed. "  ~St. Francis de Sales
At my age, I am supposed to be engrossed in a fulfilling career or retired to a life of leisure.  But you know what?  In all my years of working, what I did best was raising children,  I did it well!  I may be much older and this body doesn't do what it use to do, but I can still pass on values and morals and faith to these grandchildren really better than anyone.
So Mr. Golfer and I will let God steer the path.  Insurance will change and maybe it just won't be as bad as we think.  All I know is that these little ones need me. :)


  1. God will keep us and help us to be brave in light of the difficult! Makes me think of the quote 'necessity is the motherhood of invention' and that you and Mr. Golfer can find a way through this. Having you to help raise your Grandkids is a real blessing. We will keep you in our prayers...

    1. Your words are precious! Thank you!

  2. I think you are marvelous for being who you are to your daughters and grandchildren!

    As for being uninsured. We too are uninsured and it isn't a TERRIBLY horrible thing. Two things that could be helpful to you: when you are uninsured, doctors often give a discount if you are uninsured. Also- if you pay in cash or within a certain number of days- the discount can be substantial! We get nearly 40% off by having the money up front. And if, God forbid, something serious should occur, you can pay in small installments. God will bless your decision because it was made in His name.

    1. We actually are insured, but I am in the Texas High Risk Pool and it will convert to Obamacare in Oct. I want nothing to do with that!

  3. First, the grandchildren are adorable :) I was without health insurance after my husband lost his job for almost a full year, and in that time one of our daughter's split her forehead and needed an ambulance ride and a stitches, I became pregnant, lost the child, all without insurance. Finally, when I became pregnant again, we were able to get medicaide, but it is not what we wanted. We have real insurance again, but at the expense of a substantial part of our small paycheck. But, the point of all of this is to remind you that God will provide for you as He has provided for us. We may not have money, but what we do have, our 7 children (6 here, 1 in heaven), are the most precious gifts He could give us, and helping to raise them, either as parents or grandparents, is a sacred gift. Care for them while you can and know that God will care for you. :)

  4. I love your faith and commitment!
    God bless you!

    1. Thank you! Wish we could sit and have a cup of coffee! We could solve the problems of the world!

    2. Stepping out on faith! Taking care of your precious grandbabies is surely within God's plan !