Sunday, July 28, 2013

Week Ending Vol 14 Birthday Edition!

~ capturing the weekend in pictures Friday through Monday

Re-inventing Mother
Tomorrow, Monday, is my birthday!  It doesn't bother me to say 57!  Wow!  I am still trying to wrap myself around that number.  Some good, some not so good and I think the not so good comes from just feeling my age.  Whoever said that 50 was the new 30 was not 50!
I share this birthday weekend with my grandson who turned 4 on the 26th.  There is nothing about me that doesn't love sharing  such a fun occasion with my first grandchild!  Bring it on!!!!
The weekend's pictures are all about birthday.  We began with Patrick's party for his friends at Pump It Up.  This was a fun little place where the children could run, jump, slide, and bounce!


Lilah and Evelyn had a great time at their first kid party!

We then went back to my daughter Julia's house ( Patrick's mother) and had family party.  Mr. Golfer and I gifted Patrick with the Cozy Coupe car and he loved it!

After the party I was able to pick up my birthday gift from Mr. Golfer which was my repaired Bernina.  I have waited months to get this working again! I spent part of the evening working on a little project.

After Mass this morning, we returned to Julia's and did it all over again for me!

I got to choose the age for my Lightening McQueen cake!  Oh I wish!!!!

Son in law and boyfriend.

Daughters and boyfriend.

Rachel enjoyed all the activity!

We played outside!

And enjoyed a rare photo together!

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  1. Happy Birthday! Mine was the 27th!

    1. Well Happy Birthday to you as well! Hope it was glorious!

  2. Happy Birthday - I just love the photo of you and your daughters! I hope your day is wonderful.