Thursday, August 1, 2013


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 round button chicken
This is the signature piece I am using to create a small quilt for my new grandson.  I have not quilted in quite a while.  The nursery colors are gray, orange, and turquoise.
And now that I can monogram again....burp diapers in the works.
Last summer I took the challenge and made this slipcover for the sofa.  It's upholstery, although in good shape, was a dark brown paisley and was attracting all the dog hair in the house.  I knew a slipcover would be easy to take off and wash.  Scanning Pinterest I saw that drop cloths seemed  to be the new fabric of choice.  After a trip to Home Depot, I purchased 4 large ones and washed and bleached them as suggested.  No pattern to use, just pieced as I went using the sewing knowledge I have.  It was the best project I ever did!  The bottom cushions over this last year had become loose and the cat had brought in some burrs, so I took off the bottom cushions and threw them in the wash.  They came out clean and tightened up.  I am just so pleased!  I am wanting to do the 2 side chairs as well!
Trying to take a picture of yourself to upload to your profile .  Seriously?  Who does this?
Off to the Dr. this morning to have what I think is a faulty gallbladder checked out. Prayers?
Thank you again Aunt Leila for hosting!


  1. I think you took a good picture! I am amazed that you made that slipcover. It looks wonderful. You are really talented in sewing.

  2. Just saw one who has dealt with gallbladder issues I am praying for you. The quilt and your slipcovers are lovely and an inspiration. God bless,
    Theresa Anne