Friday, August 2, 2013

The Gallbladder vs Rib?

So, I went to the Dr. yesterday and saw my favorite NP.  She rocks.  Yes, I said that!  I had 2 of the grandchildren with me which was different, but they did great.  Thank goodness for iPads.  What did we do in the day?  Don't remember.

Anyway, the NP doesn't think it is gallbladder.  She started poking around and hit my lower right rib and ouch!  Costochondritis?  Maybe.  I do have Fibromyalgia.  27 years.  So it is possible that the pain is just referring down from the rib, but... sono scheduled for Tuesday morning to rule out gb.  In the meantime I will see my good ole' acupuncturist Monday to get a treatment.

And for a laugh....

Here is how Patrick decided to watch TV yesterday.

Gotta love boys!  See ya!

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