Thursday, August 29, 2013

Shingles, thou are not my friend!

Two autumns ago I went through a really terrible, emotional experience and out of that I developed shingles.  Yes, the pain people describe is real. Sometimes just incapacitating.

I have had 8-9 outbreaks since them.  Sometimes they are small, sometimes not.  But all of them instigated by being upset.  I don't use the word stress.  It's not stress.  It's emotions.

I have no idea if I am like other women or if I just am a very sensitive person.  I do know I "wear my heart on my sleeve".  I always have.  And you know what?  That really is not always bad.  It is what made me a good nurse.  It is what made me a good mother.  And it is what makes me a good grandmother.  I am sensitive to what others need.

The downturn is that others are not sensitive to what I need and therefore the hurt and therefore the shingles.  No, I am not blaming my outbreak on others.  My reactions are all mine.  But, I do believe that what we see in others should be a part of our own barometers.  We should always gauge our actions on how they will affect others around us.  It is what causes us to constantly re- evaluate our own " right and wrong".

Thank goodness there is a long weekend coming up.  Detaching and resting is on the horizon.

On another note.....daughter Caitlin is back on US soil....or continuing to fly over it!  She arrived at Kennedy airport last night and made a connection to Atlanta.  Apparently, ( and only because our conversations have been short texts) there was weather to be dealt with and the flight into Atlanta was late  which meant she missed her connection to Austin.  After spending what I am sure was a much needed night sleep in Atlanta, she is on her way to Austin this morning.  Am hoping to hear from her soon!

The V Junkie socks are progressing!  Am loving the honeycomb pattern.  Pics over the weekend!


  1. You must be relieved that your daughter is back! Way too much turmoil going on in that part of the world right now. Shingles are just awful. My aunt had them a few years ago and she never really recovered from the nerve damage. I plan on getting the shot as soon as my doctor will let me.

    1. Yes, we are glad she is back safe and sound! I am aware the shot is available, but many are not aware that the vaccine contains aborted fetal cells. For that reason I won't get it.