Sunday, August 25, 2013

Week Ending Vol 18

capturing the weekend in pictures Friday through Monday

Re-inventing Mother
This past week was very quiet here on the blog.  I did not anticipate how exhausted I would be having the 4 grandchildren all day for 4 days.  I literally came home and fell into bed and left any meal to be made to Mr. Golfer. 
This week will be the same. After Labor Day, the older two will return to preschool and the days will be somewhat lighter.  So bear with me as we get through one more long week.

Caitlin turns 27 tomorrow!  Hard to believe that she is spending it in Turkey!

She returns to the US on Wednesday, so if you don't mind offering up prayers for a safe journey.

I did a small amount of gardening.  Really just tidying things up.  It is still too hot to work outside.

In just a couple of weeks I begin the study of Matthew.  I did gather books and supplies.  I love to sit in my dining room where the light is bright.  The table provides me with a nice work space and the bird feeder is outside the window.

I discovered a new thrift store and was able to find a couple of dresses for my oldest granddaughter.  This is her first year in preschool and I wanted her to have some new things, These will be easy to add leggings and shirts underneath as the weather changes.

I also found a great book.


A memoir written in diary form.  I love reading about colonial life. And if you throw birthing and babies in with it, I am very happy!

I hope your weekend was wonderful!  I look forward to seeing what everyone has done or maybe not done!

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  1. i wish my summer plants looked as good as 'tidying up' resulted in just throwing out my poor geraniums that didn't like our recent travels as much as we did!!! Now I must tackle that window boxes in the back.....that look even worse!

    1. I do understand about gardens when you are traveling. When we were in Canada in July it rained here for 3 solid days. Haven't seen a drop since!

  2. I will be back on Weekending when we do something interesting. The last two weekends we haven't done much since it's still so hot.

  3. Prayers for her safe trip home! The garden looks so lovely! Mine is a disaster this year! I'm hoping to do damage control in the coming weeks...

    1. Te garden is really on its last legs. When I had little ones at home I did very little flower gardening. Don't be hard on yourself. There is a time for every season!

  4. May her Angel go with her! 4 kids for 4 days would be very draining...

    1. Do you do your bible study on your own? How does that work out? I want to do one, but fear I won't be motivated without a group, but want to try. So convenient. Mona @