Monday, September 2, 2013

September's Garden

The temps in August were consistently around 100 every day.  There was no rain.  Now that September has arrived the change will come slowly, but there is hope that by the end of the month, when Fall actually arrives, that we will begin to see low 90 to 80 degree days.

The garden suffers during these extremes, but there is evidence that change is upon us.

This Obedient plant will bloom purple in a few weeks.  It began 25 years ago in my garden as one single plant given by my daughter's preschool teacher.  It now covers an approximate 30 x 10 foot area.  When the summer is mild or rainy and it is not stressed, the spiral blooms are gorgeous.

This is the top of the Autumn Clematis that grows up the trellis.  It will soon be bursting full of tiny white flowers with an intoxicating smell.  This plant grows rapidly and out of control, so I am forever cutting it back. Below you can see the beginning flowers.


I was wise to place this Asparagus Fern under the live oak this summer.  It gave it just the right amount of sun and shade and it has flourished.

And across the stone path from it sits my newly planted Bee Balm.  I was also wise to  put this batch in a pot instead of the ground.  Although it is known to spread, what I originally had in the ground did not do well in my soil, so when I finally was able to locate more, I potted it.  It has done well.

As you can tell, most everything is green.  There are little to no blooms this time of year due to the stress of the heat. But I enjoy the green knowing that in just a few months all will be brown and barren and off and on covered by ice and snow.

Last Christmas I placed some twinkle lights in these lanterns and placed them outside on the porch as part of my decorations.  I loved them so much I left them all Spring and Summer.  Recently I decided to move them to the front flower bed which involved electrical cords.  Fortunately, I had plenty green ones from Christmas.  I think I will leave them here.  At night they are so lovely.

I'm not sure if I have posted a picture of the rockers.  If so, just skip over this.  I painted both of these this summer to go on the front porch.

And just this weekend changed out the flag to reflect the season.  :)

I also removed this basket from the tree and gave it a new home by the front door.

There was also some re-potting of back porch plants.  I needed to aerate the large ones and move a few small ones.

And before I went inside to get out of the heat, I added a few dried hydrangeas to the table.

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  1. Your plants are beautiful. Is there a sewing machine in that cabinet?