Wednesday, November 6, 2013

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I am beginning to find my rhythm again with linking up.  It is difficult for me to plan this 2 days in a row, but here I go!

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Each fall we do a family photo.  Over the years they have gotten a little more detailed and sometimes complicated.  Some of that has to do with the number of people.  We are up to 13!  We did 2 settings this year and the one I am really excited about has not completed being Photoshop process.  It has a turquoise sofa in it!!  This photo above required inserting several heads from other photos, closing that drape to the right, and putting a real leg on the right sofa.  Photoshop is a miracle.
My granddaughter, Evelyn, loves scooping beans.  She does this for what seems like hours.  :)))
Our tough Lab/ Shepherd mix is so afraid of thunder.  Last week she his behind my chair. 
Maternity leave is over for my oldest daughter and I am now back to full time grandchildren.  I am only 2 days into it and am exhausted.  Four little ones 3 days a week and 5 on Thursdays.  Ages 4,3,2,1, newborn.  Any suggestions?  I am open to EVERYTHING!!!!!


  1. Beautiful family photo! The only suggestion I have for the all those little ones everyday is to check out some blogs written by those who do licensed home day care and see if you can pick up some good tips on handling groups of tiny children.

  2. Your family photo is lovely, and the dog is so cute!

  3. Beautiful family photo. Having that many very young ones to care for is hard. I have none so not much to speak of; but what comes to mind is trying to have a routine of some sort; having afternoon quiet/nap time; with most of being so young, it would be really hard. Crock pot meals, avoid sugar with them, keep it simple. We still pray for you daily.

  4. Beautiful family!
    Activities in the morning, quiet reading time in the afternoon. Have a nap time for everyone, including you. :o) Simple snacks/meals. When things go crazy, put on a video for 20 minutes until you get your bearings back. Most of all stay calm and lots of hugs and love. What a blessing for all.
    Oh yes, and morning prayers!

  5. Wow - you are one SUPER Grandma! I had 6 under the age of 8 and we did a lot of building towers with books, a lot of domino pile up and turn overs. A video never hurt anyone and mandatory naps/quiet time. When it was warm, I used water ALL the time. They loved mixing up water with food coloring and that would hold them for quite a while. I also utilized the bathtub in cold months.
    You are such a blessing to your daughters!
    I love the family photo!

    1. Actually I'm just tired! Don't feel very amazing at all. But the suggestions are great! I'm really thinking about the bathtub ideas!

  6. Beautiful picture my friend! As we know true beauty never comes without a little chaos! :-)

  7. A houseful of grand-babies to love, how lucky are you : ). My children came close together, and I've also run a home daycare before. The key is avoiding caregiver burnout. Set a daily rhythm/schedule that works for the group, and ask parents to support you - for example, ask them to teach their kids to nap in a crib at a regular time each day, and to fall asleep independently. You will enjoy your time together much more, if you get a break each day at nap time! I also found the job much, much easier when parents packed lunches.
    I found your blog through Sarah's post at 'Amongst Lovely Things'. I look forward to following your grandmotherly adventures.