Sunday, November 10, 2013

Week Ending V0l 29 - Painting Edition

capturing the weekend in pictures Friday through Monday
Re-inventing Mother


This weekend was unusual in that I was able to convince Mr. Golfer to help me paint.  He hates to paint.  But our living/dining.  area is fairly large and just too much for me to do alone.  He caved. Sweet man.

The last time this room was painted was 2005.  I remember that because my mother was still alive and living with us.  A co-worker of mine came and helped me.  Neutrals were very "in" ( not to say they aren't now, but I usually always have a color on the wall) and so I chose " Parchment".  I believe it was a Behr color from Home Depot.

One of the things it has taken me years to learn is the relationship between paint color and lighting.  In the past I have just chosen a color I liked and used it.  Most of the time it was a mistake, as it was with Parchment.  Our house has a front southern exposure with a porch overhang.  This means the light is filtered coming in the only two windows in this area. After 25 years in this house, I finally figured out shades that work.  I love blue.  But the blues for this lighting need to have green undertones in them.  Last year I discovered Benjamin Moore's Wyeth Blue.  You can see that on the wall in the entry way.  What we ended up using in the living/ dining area was a shade lighter.  Sherwin William's Rainwashed.

Yesterday and today have been very gray days, so the true color is yet to be seen.  But so far I really like it.  I am still moving furniture around and deciding which items to keep ( my favorite part of putting a room back together). I'm not sure whay the picture with the piamo makes it look dirty, but I can assure you it is not!  Daughter Caitlin would be very upset as that is her piano ( a Make A Wish gift).

 I will post more pictures during the week as I put more touches to the room
I have a big project I am working on for one wall and may even use this as my first tutorial to include here.
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  1. How nice to have nice clean walls just in time for the holiday season.
    My Mike doesn't care for painting either so I am the one that usually does all the painting and it's been awhile. You may have just inspired me to get busy here!

  2. The color is very nice. It's good to make a change once in a while.