Sunday, November 3, 2013

Week Ending Vol 28 - Longhorn Edition

 capturing the weekend in pictures Friday through Monday

Re-inventing Mother
It is no secret that the blood in this family is burnt orange.  We are Longhorns to the core. My 3rd daughter, Caitlin, an alum, returned to Austin after grad school.  This past weekend I was due for a visit.  She texted me this on Friday.

Caitlin goes to a lot of games, so it is really no big deal to her. But, she knows I love to go.  Football is in my blood.  I will jump at the chance Every. Single. Time.
Prior to the game we had a lovely brunch at Russell's.  $2 Mimosas will get my attention anytime!

Because she works at the Capitol, we were able to tailgate with the staffers.  Notice the flag wristband?  That got us in. Seats were in the NW corner of the stadium 51 rows up.  Not bad at all!

During my high school years I was in the band and a twirler.  UT is one of the few colleges left that actually still has a twirler.  I love half time!

We were exhausted post game, so we grabbed dinner and headed back to her house.  With daylight savings time ending that night I was ready to stay up and talk and watch a movie, but by the time we finished cleaning up from the grime of a day in the sun, I could hardly hold my eyes open. 
Sunday morning we met one of Caitlin's high school classmates and her husband for Mass at the Cathedral in Austin... St. Mary's.

Absolutely gorgeous church!  The gospel reading was the story of Zacchaeus from Luke 19. In the homily the priest referenced the Body and Blood of Jesus as being " cheap wine and failed bread" before it is transformed.  I love that picture in my mind.  Failed bread is of course the unleavened bread, but I had never thought of it in those terms.  Love.

We had brunch at Hillside Farmacy. A very eclectic eatery that was once a pharmacy, but is now a small eatery and grocery. This time a carafe of mimosas!

And no trip to Austin would be complete without a yarn store stop.  This time Guage Knits.  They were having a showing of Hazel Knits Yarns and I was looking for a particular color.  I will share it with you on Wednesday.

My trip home was not so fun.  I 35 is the bane of Texas driving and our family refers to it as  " the highway of death!"  It is usually a 2.5 - 3 hours drive between Austin and Fort Worth, but yesterday it took me 5 hours to get home.  I don't drive well in the dark at all and it was way past daylight when I arrived home.  I literally fell into bed! was a great weekend! I love visiting Caitlin.  She is a wonderful hostess!


  1. what a great weekend!!! (i'm usually in Austin this time of year...with a good friend and a trip to the Canton flea market....just didn't happen for me this year. Another...almost connection!! How sad I would have been reading this after getting home if we had both been in Austin at the same time!!!!!)

    1. Oh Steph! I can't believe that we didn't get to meet! But I love Canton, so when you do come let me know. What a great day that would be!