Sunday, November 17, 2013

Week Ending Vol 30 Putting It All Back Together

~ capturing the weekend in pictures Friday through Monday
Re-inventing Mother
You can hardly turn on the television this week and not hear some reference to the 50th Anniversary of J.F. Kennedy's death.  You hear most of the actual assassination in Dallas, but many are not aware of the President's stop over in our wonderful city the night before.  JFK and his wife Jackie spent the night in Fort Worth at the Hotel Texas the night before that fatal day. My husband was 9 years old and his mother took him downtown to get a glimpse of the President and get a glimpse they did.  Mr. Golfer says what he remembers most is Kennedy's flaming red hair, which in even color photos, you do not get a good idea of how red it was.  My husband sits on the Library Board for our city and this past Friday night the libraries hosted a " Night With Bob Scheiffer". Mr. Scheiffer was a police correspondent for the Fort Worth Star Telegram and was involved in the details of that day.  He was interviewed by Tracy Kornet.  It was a wonderful event and I learned a lot of details I was not aware of.
Following the presentation, we walked down to a new venue in our city. Fort Worth has a prominent, philanthropic family that has spent millions of dollars over the last 10-15 years revitalizing our downtown.  The latest venue resulted in Main Street being closed and the construction of an area that is just gorgeous.  What you see in this photo is a shallow fountain.  Each of those light are water sprays.  They were not turned on when I took this picture, but imagine then shooting about 20 feet high.  You can see the people walking thought the water.  It is very shallow and meant for all to be able to enjoy it.
Now for the results of our painting project.  The living/ dining room are all back together just in time to have 13 here for Thanksgiving dinner.  I have spent all week putting most of the touches together.  Still some to do but they can be completed slowly. The chalkboard painting you see will be a tutorial in a few weeks.  Need to have time to get it right!



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  1. I will make a note to visit downtown Fort Worth and see the new fountains. Your picture looks wonderful! I remember I was at school in 6th grade when we got the news of President Kennedy being killed. All the teachers started crying. Your house looks lovely and I'm sure you'll have a great gathering for Thanksgiving.

    1. I was just 7, but remember it well.

    2. I was 14, in driver's ed class in high school. You could almost hear the "thud" as our hearts sank to the floor.

  2. i just loved this post!!! What a beautiful downtown area you have....and doesn't it feel SUPER great to have the painting done?? (We did that in the spring and it's only now that I can say it was worth the mess....I struggled for months to get things back to 'normal'!) Looks like our Thanksgiving 'gang' is about the same as yours....minus one. We've got 12 coming....just about time to start fussing!! Have a great week, Wanda!!!

    1. Yes, it does take a while and I move things around all the time! My husband says he can tell when the wheels are turning! Have a wonderful holiday!

  3. your home is very beautiful. God bless and keep you!

  4. The choice of color was perfect - very elegant and serene. I love the old spindles in the blue glass ball jars.