Friday, December 6, 2013


This is not snow!


That is 2.5 inches of ice and it is still falling.  The sleet began yesterday at 6pm.  It is now 12:15 pm on Saturday and it is still coming down.  We are known here in North Texas for these ice events.  The last time we had a severe one was February 2011.  Super Bowl 2011.  Here.  It is 23 degrees outside and we are not supposed to reach above freezing until late Sunday and then only briefly before it plummets again.  Into the teens.

So Mr. Golfer and I took advantage of the day at home at put up the Christmas tree.  After confirming that indeed the Courthouse was closed and making a few calls to judges and clients, we started opening boxes and pouring over old ornaments. 

Our family tradition is to put up the tree on Mr. Golfer's birthday. I believe it must have started when we just had the older two girls.  There was a blizzard that cold Texas night and we decided to put up the tree to make it seem cozy.  Thus began a tradition.  As the girls have grown and moved away, I have found myself putting up the tree alone.  I don't enjoy that.  Last year we were able to have them all back here to celebrate birthday, so they did the tree and it was so fun to sit and watch them do the honors.  This year scheduling has been a nightmare.  This past week there was  day where texts were flying back and forth for almost 2 hours!  We finally came up with a day and time to do birthday, but won't be here.   So is the life of a grown family!


This is my favorite Nativity.  I set it up in different places each year.  Currently Baby Jesus and the Magi are set up with it, but I will move those out.  Baby Jesus has 19 more day before he arrives and the Magi won't be placed until the Feast of the Epiphany.

A few others placed around the house.

I also have a small collection of St. Nicholas'.  Since today is the Feast of St. Nicholas it is very appropriate to set these up!

I know much of the country is under the cold weather! Stay warm and safe!


  1. Is that first Nativity a Jim Shore design? It is absolutely beautiful. We're having ice over here in Dallas County too.

  2. lovely decorations! stay safe and warm!

  3. I'm so glad your safe and warm, so much ice - it is unreal!
    I love all your Nativity sets, I too collect them but my favorite is the one my own Mom hand painted when I was a little girl. I have to wait for Pete to return home to get it and then I'll show it on my blog.

    1. I can't wait to see it! You stay warm as well. Looks like you have more ice than I do!