Sunday, December 8, 2013

Week Ending Vol 33 Ice Storm Edition

~ capturing the weekend in pictures Friday through Monday

Re-inventing Mother

Today is day 3 of being house bound by the ice.  Now mind you, I am not bothered by this at all.  I love being home and always keep busy with projects, cleaning, and just plain piddling.  Mr. Golfer, on the other hand, is not used to being here 24/7 and has been going a little crazy.  To his benefit though, I will say he has handled it well.  Reading, reading, reading, and a little practicing his golf putting with drinking glasses on the family room floor.  Drove the cat crazy!

This is the same picture from Friday.  Nothing has changed.  It warmed to 33 degrees today for about 3 hours, but not enough for any melting to occur.  Temps back to the 20's tonight.  Schools are closed again tomorrow.

I had filled the bird feeder before the storm so Mr. Cardinal made an appearance!

Even Atticus hunkered down to a warm place!

So what kept me busy?

A little sewing.

Christmas knitting.

And a re-organization of one wall of my knitting/sewing room. Yes, that's just one wall.  A little embarrassing actually.

Today begins the second week of Advent.  Amazingly enough, our diocese was given a special dispensation to cancel al Masses due to the weather.  I have never known this to happen.  But really, this ice storm has been unbelievable.  When the police tell you to stay home, it's bad.

I hope your weekend was warmer than mine.  Please say a special prayer for Mr. Golfer.  he really needs to get into the office tomorrow.  I am very worried about him traveling tomorrow.

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  1. I've gotten some much cleaning and organizing done as well, and have actually really enjoyed this cozy time home with my kids. I have to get out for provisions at some point, but really wish we could stay like this a few more days!