Sunday, December 15, 2013

Week Ending Vol 34 Tid Bits

~capturing the weekend in pictures Friday through Monday
Re-inventing Mother

I'm going to actually take this post back to Thursday because it has been so busy.  Thursday is the day I have all 5 grandchildren.  Patrick, 4 1/2, is the oldest and getting close to not napping each afternoon.  Sad for me.  This past Thursday he only napped a short time.  At the end of the day I took he and Rachel to their house.  We are all buckled in and I no sooner was out of the driveway when I turned around and saw this....

I think he still needs to nap!

On Friday, Luke had his 2 month checkup.  Actually it is very close to 3 month.  The appt. had to be rescheduled due to working and weather.  I didn't have to take all the children thank goodness.  Only Rachel and Luke which was still a handful.  Rachel has started walking!  She was having so much fun playing in the playset they have at the pediatrician's office.

Luke had a great checkup.  13.8 lbs!  I hate to be the one to take them to these appts. when they get shots.  I made sure the next appt. is scheduled during Spring Break! This picture is obviously before shots!
On Saturday, Mr. Golfer was bringing down more Christmas Decorations from the attic.  I was standing at the bottom of the stairs and noticed two containers that didn't look familiar. I asked him to check the contents and this is what he found.

When my girls were small, I smocked.  Actually, I smocked everything they wore.  For about 10 years.  These two containers were full of the dresses ( about 50) I had made from about years 6-10.  The dresses when they were younger are hanging in my granddaughter's closets. What is very sad is that my daughters won't put these on the granddaughters.  To be honest I think it is the male influence.  The girls know how precious these are and that every high-end children's store sells them.  But the husbands think they are old fashioned.  Seriously, this is one time when I just have to say those guys are clueless and ridiculous.  But, it appears they will never get worn.  I am thinking of putting these older dresses on Etsy.  There is no reason not to try to recoup some of the cost of the creating!
We finished up the shopping on Saturday.  It was so crowded.  Since the ice had kept everyone at home the weekend before, it was almost a losing battle.  We finally came home and ordered the last few things online.
A good friend of mine made a trip out to the DFW National Cemetery and took a picture of my parent's grave.  They lay wreaths every year and it is so pretty.
I  finished the inside decorating in the living room..  I love hanging the wreaths inside the windows instead of out.  After all, I will enjoy them more than anyone else and I can't see them outside as  well.

I hope our weekend was wonderful!
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  1. Adorable grandchildren. Beautiful smocked dresses! I would love for my granddaughters to wear dresses like those as well. I love all your festive decorations. Your home is lovely.

  2. Oh my, those smocked dresses are a priceless treasure! My mother smocked dresses for my sister and they were always so beautiful. It isn't just sad the granddaughters won't be wearing them, it is a crime! I'm so sorry about that!
    Your Christmas decorations are truly lovely!

  3. It's hard to imagine that those dresses won't be worn by your granddaughters. I think that you could at least get some photos of the girls (at the right age) wearing them before you pass them along. After that they would certainly be a treasure to someone who loves to see little girls dressed prettily. It's definitely a good thing that your husband found those boxes; what would really be a tragedy is for no-one to have the pleasure of seeing that beautiful handwork.

  4. I remember those dresses!!!! What are your sons-in-law thinking? Old-fashioned? How about CLASSIC! (And I think my sons and son-in-law would agree.) If you do decide to sell, I might want to buy some of them... (but I'd rather see your granddaughters in them!) ~MaryK

  5. Thank you ladies for your comments! Sometimes others opinions just need to be seen.

  6. I love those little dresses that you made for your daughters. They are classic little girl dresses, Exactly what I would have dressed my children in ...had they been girls! That is such a shame that the boys in the family have deemed them old fashion. They are NOT old fashioned..., they are what little girls with class look like. Not like these days when little girls look like mini adults with the clothing they wear. Definitely put them on Etsy.