Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Unword 2014

Unword2014badge_rough draft

Darlene, The Nester, and The Painted House have all teamed up to dispel the Word of the Year floating around the web.  I love the idea of purging instead of perfecting.

Where am I in all this?  My Un Word of the year is:


I am the worst at looking at others and always seeing that the grass is greener!  Having come from nothing, this has permeated my bones all my life and now at the ripe old age of pushing 60 it is time to be done. 

I Am Who I Am.  I am Who God Created Me To Be!

What is your word?  Join Edie over at Life in Grace and see what we are all committed too!


  1. it is so hard to not compare ourselves to others in this age of social media. great choice of an un-word! xo

  2. Great word. Comparison is really many sins combined, or a near occasion of sin. Great effort!

  3. Amen amen ain't it great to grow up

    1. Some days I will be honest I just don't like it! :)

  4. “Comparison is the death of joy.”
    ― Mark Twain

    This is something that I think as women we all struggle with. So glad God sees us individually and knows us from the inside out!

  5. Awesome choice, it is true - grass is greener is always a hard one.