Monday, January 13, 2014

Tools of the Trade

Etsy shop  lesliewind

I love unusual tools in my crafts.  Steph at Woolythyme reminded me that I had received some items for Christmas and had never posted.  Sometime during Advent when I was searching around on Etsy, these popped up and I sent the links to Mr. Golfer.  On Christmas morning they were nestled in the branches of our tree.

I am klutzy when it comes to cable needles.  They usually end up on the floor or under a piece of furniture.  I had been toying with an idea of a cable needle necklace for some time when I stumbled across this one on Etsy.  Much more well designed than what I had in mind!  I have not used it yet, but as I finish on the Lullaby blanket, I am searching patterns to try it out.
The needles are copper and silver and I just could not resist asking for them.  They are somewhat soft as I used them to do some button repair on my granddaughter's coat.  The coat fabric was a loose weave and I didn't have a needle anywhere at my daughter's home.  They felt really nice in my hand and I think using them for weaving loose ends will be divine!


  1. Such unique items. They make crafting even more fun!

  2. I love your tools (and they are even more beautiful in person, I'm happy to be able to say)!!

  3. Please update your thoughts on the cable needle necklace. I love it but worry that it isn't dp and won't be as easy to work with