Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Yarn Along A Gift Received and a Wild Goose Chase for Yarn

~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs.  I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading?

The Lullaby blanket was well received.  Many oohs and ahhhs over the knitting.  You are always pleased as the giver when the thought and work you have done is appreciated.  A blanket like this is sometimes doomed to the treasure drawer because it appears so exquisite.  That is why I knit it from a pima cotton blend.  I explain to the mothers that it is meant to be used and can be thrown in the washer and dryer.  They smile!

While I was in Austin I took the opportunity to go to one of my favorite shops, Hill Country Weavers.  My niece is expecting baby # 2, a girl, and of course, a blanket is expected.  I knit the first Lullaby for her son.

I have never asked a mother what kind of blanket she wants.  I ask about nursery colors so that I can make a selection.  This time I made the mistake of giving too many choices to my niece and it drove me crazy.  The color blanket she wanted is not available in my favorite baby yarn and the pattern she chose is rather boring for a knitter.  So walking into HCW I thought I would at least be able to find a good yarn.  This time I was disappointed.  There were two yarns I could have been happy with.  Neither had the quantity I needed and the dye lots had changed, so if I ordered they would be a different color.  So I walked out with 9 skeins of Blue Sky Organic Worsted Cotton.  The color is perfect, but it will require more care.

I left Austin rather early Sunday after Caitlin and I had a lovely breakfast.  Knowing I had time, I decided to make a stop in Saldao at a yarn shop I had never visited.  Still searching for a different yarn that might work better, I found the shop, only to find out that it did not open for another hour. Darn!  Heading north with still plenty of time, I decided to take a detour east to Waxahachie.  Listed on Ravelry was a knitting store I had not been to and was only about 45 minutes from home.  But on arrival....it no longer existed!  Double darn!!   So now I headed northwest toward home and decided to stop at a shop I knew was there, but had not visited.  This time I called to make sure the posted hours  were correct.  After making a wrong turn that cost me 30 minutes, I arrived at The Knitting Fairy.  They did not have the yarn I was searching for, but did bring out a choice that had been discontinued and discounted!  I went ahead and purchased it because it was very inexpensive, but after getting home and knitting a few rows I decided I did not like the feel at all.

So this afternoon, Patrick helped me wind the cotton.  I made some changes to the pattern and think I will be content to knit this and add the ruffle my niece desires.

I am still reading The Reed of God, but in all honesty have spent the last week searching Ravelry for patterns!

Joining Ginny today and looking forward to reading all the other blogs!


  1. The blanket is so beautiful. I always fear the same thing when I gift a baby quilt -- please use it!

    Lots of unfruitful driving makes me crazy. Have you tried online? Someplace like Jimmy Beans?

  2. that pink is perfection! love how soft it looks and the paleness of the pink-sigh...lovely. Love seeing the baby blanket receiving oohs and ahs :)

  3. Beautiful as always. Have you ever visited verypink.com. I wondered what that shop was like as I enjoy her tutorials. The feel of yarn, so important for bigger projects. I am amazed when I knit when I don't like the feel of but love it after it is washed. This seems to be more true with higher end yarns.