Thursday, March 13, 2014

Blogger Meet Up and Some Pretties

Someone explain to me how you can "talk" to other people on this internet, not really knowing much about them, and then discover that in reality you live very close to them and then  you meet them up close and personal.

A couple of months ago Kathy at 9Peas and I discovered we lived about 2 hours from each other and 1/2 way between us was a La Madeline and a yarn shop.  How wonderful!  We met and talked for hours and then shopped.  It was a match for sure.  We've been texting back and forth and she often talks me through making dinner because she is a fabulous cook and I am not.

Yesterday we met again.  Same spot.  But this time we invited Katherine from Seamless to join us.  Katherine lives 15 minutes from where we meet.  Perfect.  We were like the 3 Muskateers.  We talked, drank coffee and tea, talked, talked and talked.  Knitting, cooking, family, husbands, children, school...etc  Hours!

So again I ask.... how dos this happen?  To know someone virtually and then know them in reality.  Just. Crazy.  Oh but I love these ladies!  And guess what?  Charlotte lives 1/2 way between myself and Katherine.  She is going to join us next time and I am pumped.  Because Charlotte and I both have turquoise front doors and that means of course we are destined.  :))

A peek at a couple of bags going in the mail today.  One a request.  One a gift for someone in grief right now.  Bowing over this one in prayer before I send it on its way.


  1. Nice! what a real blessing you have been given in this meeting! I am so glad for you!

  2. what a precious, precious experience!

  3. I can't wait, thank you for organizing these meet ups Wanda, they are such a delight as are you!

  4. So wonderful to be able to visit. I really enjoy the pretties! :)

  5. That has been the true joy of this bloggy business....meeting like-minded people---mainly virtually, but once in person!!! Can you ever have too many fiber friends???????