Monday, March 3, 2014

" Drawstrings"

A few weeks ago I became serious about constructing the knitting project bags that I learned to do several years ago. Recently, I have gifted a few bloggers with bags and thought it might be time to do something special for readers here.  Yes!!! My first giveaway!

These bags currently come in a small (sock size), a medium ( sock or beginning sweater/shawl), and a large  (sweater/shawl). The last 3 pictures show those sizes beggining with the small.  I also am able to make a larger or even smaller size, but those are not as popular ( and not included in the giveaway). They are lined and have a ribbon drawstring to secure the closing and are machine washable /dryable.  I have about 10 of them in my knitting bag, each with a different project.  I toss one in my purse each day as I head out the door.  The softness allows the bag to collapse inside my purse for easy portability.

On Wednesday, during Yarn Along, I will offer a reader the opportunity to win one bag in the size of their choosing ( small, medium, or large) and the ability to tell me the color palette they prefer as well.
So be sure and return Wednesday!!!


  1. Lovely bags! Such great fabrics! So excited about the giveaway! If I'm not chosen, I would love to purchase one! :)

  2. Wonderful, I love my bag!!! Faith has been using it to keep her mouse ears & mask safe during The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe

  3. These are adorable!