Friday, May 16, 2014

I Just Want Pretty

On Monday evening, granddaughter Evelyn started running a low grade fever.  I don't see them on Tuesday, but when I arrived Wednesday morning she wasn't feeling well at all.  By Thursday it was evident she needed to see the doctor. Both my oldest daughter and her husband are teachers and their days off were used up with maternity leave this year. Unless it is an emergency, they just can't take a day.  So I took the 3 children to the pediatrician's office.  The doctor was very concerned.  Evelyn was definitely having trouble moving air.  She had some retracting in her abdomen that showed she was struggling.  So we went for an x ray which confirmed a viral pneumonia.

When my daughter arrived home we discussed the diagnosis and what needed to be done through the night.  Wake her up and at least every 2 hours through the night to get fluids in her. That she did, but when I arrived this morning it was clear that this little girl was not responding. I talked witht the doctor and for the next 5 hours I squirted fluids into her mouth via syringe.  11mls every 20 minutes for 5 hours. Why 11 mls?  That is the total amount for the syringes I had. :)  Her throat was so sore from coughing that she fought me every time I tried.  So I feel like I have been through a war!

But around 3 pm, she turned the corner.  Her eys cleared.  She went to the bathroom.  And began to move around.  When my daughter walked in the front door she was greeted with a smile!  The doctor called about that time and was pleased we were able to keep her home. The hospital is so full of germs that you really want to stay out of there at all costs.

So when I finally got home, all I wanted to see were pretty things.  I walked around  taking pictures of things that pleased my eye.

I am exhausted.  I love being grandmother, but the last two days are not for the faint of heart.


  1. Poor, sweet girl! I'm glad she's better. What a gift that you're able to be there for them and help out!

  2. Your pictures are beautiful! Especially that precious little girl. My oldest 3 were thumbsuckers so that brings back sweet memories for me :) Glad she is feeling better!

  3. Lord have mercy!!!!! how draining and scary! Good job Grandmother! Whew, that was hard. Sending Hugs... I know how much beauty can help us recover after such draining times...

  4. Oh my goodness! So glad you were there with her! Hugs & Prayers!