Thursday, May 15, 2014


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{ Pretty and Happy}

If you have been on the blog this week these pictures will look familar.   I'm trying to get some mileage out of them :)  My daughters and myself on Mother's Day weekend.  They fuss a lot about pictures so when I can capture us together it is a treat!


I wasn't so lucky with the granchildren.  Patrick and Lilah are old enough to cooperate.  Luke had never been in grass before and just had a melt down.  I wanted to hold him, but every time I put Rachel down she ran.  Evelyn, being two, just huffed and puffed.  I wish I could share the audio that was happening!  But I love this picture.  It is as real as it gets!

{ Real}

I shared this yesterday on the blog, but I know the audience is different today.  I took these in my sewing room where I am spending 95% of my time.  You see, there is a little secret and you cannot tell.  I mean really, you cannot tell. :)))  Do you see that last picture?  Those are some of my bags in the Etsy shop.  Next Tuesday, Drawstrings will be featured on The Littlest Way and on May 24th on Small Things.  Shhhhhh!!!!!!  So I am sewing like a mad woman.  There is background work on Ravelry for me as well! 

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  1. I love all those pictures :) Excited for your venture!!! :) but of course, you already know I am excited and 100% behind your bags, I love mine!!!! :) :)

  2. Congratulations on all the success with Drawstrings, you are an inspiration. It wasn't too long ago you were sharing this nugget of an idea you had, and look at you now. The bags are just lovely, as are you so no wonder your business is doing so well!

  3. what fabulous family photos!!!!! (the real are really real!!! I can totally relate to that!!!....and what gorgeous daughters---take after mamma, I can see!!!!)
    congrats on the exciting take-off of the little business.....that bag is still my very very favorite!!! :)