Monday, June 9, 2014

Is It Really Monday?


A typical Monday would find me at my daughters's house with 3 of the grandchildren.  Oh how I love me some grandchildren!!  But the school year has ended and my daughter and her husband are home.  And so am I.:))))

This past year was a joy and a struggle for me.  Those little ones are precious. Living my days with them brought back so much of raising my girls.  Picking Lilah up from school and having them join me at Bible Study we're wonderful highlights.

But this grandmother has injured her back in said activities. I won't be returning to the same level in the fall.  I will hopefully still have a day each week with them, but that will depend on finding a nanny. I'm praying for someone who loves them like Connie did.  She was the nanny they had who's husband was transferred and landed me in the roll of caregiver.  So praying for a loving woman is top of my list.  Maybe yours too?

Drawstrings is becoming more and more visible.  There are many bloggers out there who are featuring my bags and offering giveaways. Over the weekend I worked on the backpack and used 2 of the grandchildren as practice.  Well, , I didn't really practice on them, but you can see their names!  This is a large size bag.  I wanted the straps to be strong, so I used the cotton webbing on the first few.  But, that webbing is very pricey, even online, so I am reverting back to the grosgrain ribbon.  It is strong enough for what these bags are meant to hold.  I just need to determine where to connect the long pieces together.  I'll solve that today!

Also, I am working on a rosary bag size.  Those should be simple to do and hopefully a few will be in the shop this week.

In case you missed it ( and I don't know how ) AuntLeila is offering a giveaway of the new Little Oratory bag.  It is a special size created for just this bag.  If you have the book, hop over and enter the raffle!

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