Monday, June 9, 2014


:: Family
School is out and the summer is good!  So good to be home and doing little things already in the house.  I did see grandchildren today and on Thursdays I will be keeping Patrick and Rachel through the summer.    Really miss those two and am excited to take them to the zoo and park through these next weeks.
Caitlin is still employed, but probably not for long.  She longs to use this time to write and who wouldn't when your daily views are of the Montana mountains and your weekend views are of Yellowstone?

:: Catholic Faith
Happy Feast of Pentecost two days post!! The 50 days of Easter have come to an end and we are now in Ordinary Time. I always find that term a little misleading.  What is ordinary about the Church year?  The Church is always feasting, reflecting, memorializing, or celebrating something!!  Living in this cycle is a constant party!  Love it!!

:: Scripture/Prayer
I said last week that today would bring new reading and studying to my prayer life.  I slept in. :(  Tomorrow is another day.  I'm thinking God knew how much I needed to rest?

:: Knitting
Last week's Yarn Along was the reveal of the blanket!  It was met with great approval!  I have moved onto the next blanket for a young woman who will be my youngest daughter's sister in law in a year or so.  Check out Yarn Along on Wednesday for a peek.

:: Drawstrings
Amazing things are happening.  Aunt Leila has a giveaway going on  and new backpacks have been added to the shop.  Yes, backpacks!  They are so cute!

:: Garden
Don't be fooled into thinking that all of my garden is full of beauties like those above. There are so many weeds in places it is daunting to even think about working out there.  We had rain most of the weekend and what was clear dirt is now inches high in weeds.  Mr. Golfer has been gracious in helping me, but with this hurt back it is slow going.

:: Home
Oh how wonderful it is to be in this place!  I am a home body and could go long lengths of time never leaving my house.  I cleaned the bathrooms today, worked on the floors, discovered areas long neglected ( tops of doors) , worked in the studio, laundry.... I am so domestic and yet find my self having to be in other places most of the time. Is there meaning to that?

I have a special prayer intention that I am hoping you will join with me. Elizabeth DeHority is the woman I wrote about who was my inspiration for Drawstrings.  She is not doing well and if you read the link you will see what is going on.  She and I were having a FB messenger conversation on Saturday and here is part of it:

She never thinks about herself.  This woman who is so ill and only wants everyday she can have with her family is sending me yarn!!!  Will you pray for this beautiful soul and all those near and dear to her?  God has an angel here on earth is this woman.



  1. So much to be learned from a woman who thinks not of herself! Will lift her up in prayer; thank you for sharing. :) Your flowers are lovely! My coneflower has yet to bloom, but everything blooms late here. Today is the last day of my Drawstrings giveaway! I'm announcing the winner tomorrow! Thank you, Wanda, for the opportunity to work with you! I truly do love my Drawstrings bag -- it goes with me whenever I leave the house! :)

    A blessed Tuesday to you,


    1. Lisa, it has been a delight !!!! Can't wait to see who wins!

  2. Lord have mercy on this devoted mother and knitter! * Hard but I can see that you have to go easy on your back * was thinking and praying about the need for better child care for them * much love!

  3. My garden is a mess, too, and my back pain prevents me from getting out there as well. I need to do a little at a time, but when there is so much weeding to do, it's hard to do a little. Maybe we need a timer! Just 20 minutes and then stop. And my neighbor's doctor told her (back pain, too) whatever you are doing, stop every five minutes and walk around. I probably won't do it, but it sounds like good advice. I am in therapy for a tight IT band and I suspect it is the reason everything on my right side is off kilter. The IT band pulls the hip and the hip pulls the sacroiliac. The old hip bone connected to the leg bone's true. It's heck to get old, isn't it? Especially when there is so much to do! Who has time to sit around with ice packs? Maybe God is telling us to rest. Otherwise those baby blankets won't get knitted, right?

    1. Yes!!! The knitting! Good advice about walking around every 5 minutes. I wish I could continue my PT. It is costing $200 a week and I can't do that. Just taking meds now.