Wednesday, June 11, 2014


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round button chicken


The garden flowers are now in a lull and the trick to keeping the vases full right now is to look beyond just flowers.  There are many shrubs and trees in the yard that have pretty flowers and beautiful foliage.  The ones above are Abelia and Crape Myrtles. They are woody stems so they won't last long, but colorful none the less.
I tried to add my Little Oratory picture to the link up, but since I had already used it in a previous link up Link Z was not having any of it.  So I am posting again in order to add mine to the list. Here is the Little Oraratory post. Add yours if you have not already!


There is a stack of cut bags ready to sew and there is a stack of envelopes ready to mail.  When the" in and the out" are equal it is a good day!  I am humbled and thank you all for your support! Drawstrings is truly a God given gift!


What do you notice different about those pictures?  The beverage you say?  Coffee in the morning and wine in the early evening?  Yes, that's how I roll around here!

{ Real}

My best friend left for the Shetland Islands without me. I may never forgive her :)  Tuesday and Wednesday night there was a FB and texting marathon going on between Elizabeth De Hority, me, and my friend Betsie.  Elizabeth knows about hap shawls and yarn and Betsie will be where hap shawls are the history of the country.  How can you not bring back Shetland wool when you are in the Shetland Isles?  

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  1. and your project matches your bag!!!! ahhhh, the shetland islands!!!! I still have just a little yarn left from my trip there years ago.....truly souvenir yarn; I can't bring myself to knit with it----just look at it and remember!!!

    1. This yarn will truly be used!!! I can't wait to get it although it will be late August:((

  2. What a gorgeous bouquet, and a good reminder to look just beyond the classic "cutting flowers" in our yard. We have lots of interesting greenery, but not much in the way of proper garden flowers.

  3. :) so glad for all these good things! :)

  4. But I am coming back. .... with yarn. .. as a "sin offering" ;o My long suffering hubby, when told I am buying "lots of yarn" (I brought an extra duffle to get it back) was relieved to learn "lots" was still under the duty limit. But now I hear I may only have an hour to actually shop on Shetland. . Some wool may have to come from Kirkwall. There's a store called Wool and Wine there :)

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    1. I'm just whining because I'm not with you!:))))))). I can't wait to see and feel the yarn!!! I don't think hubby is suffering too much:))