Friday, June 13, 2014

Sleep Alludes Me So I Ramble....

Two mornings of waking up at 3:30 -4:00 am.  The sciatic pain from my back gets the best of me about this time of the night and I can't go back to sleep.  I read a little this morning and worked on the baby blanket and let the thoughts just take hold.

Clearly Mother Nature wanted to make a liar out of me.  I just posted yesterday that there were no flowers in the garden.  Foliage was providing the texture for the vases in the house.  I walked outside yesterday evening and you can see from the pictures that God was laughing at me.  The last three make me laugh.  My peonies were spent about the middle of May.  They bloom early here before the heat takes hold.  I stopped at the grocery yesterday afternoon and there were peonies in the floral department!  They jumped into my cart!

I've gone in and edited my post because lack of sleep makes us say crazy things!  Not that I didn't mean them, but sometimes you just keep your words to yourself. :))

So enjoy the pictures and I will see you Monday!

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  1. oh my dear friend! it is hard to not compare esp. with pinterest etc. Life is not easy, just worth living with our Saviour. Yes, there are unbloggables; but somethings can be shared too; tricky balance. I am so sorry for your pain and insomnia; I know how hard that is! I had years of not sleeping well! Do you go to a chiropractor?? do rest when you need to!!