Thursday, June 19, 2014


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round button chicken


This past year I did a bible study with a wonderful group of ladies.  A small part of us were able to meet today for a "ladies" lunch.  It was so good to see each of them! ( and yes I wear that dress just about everywhere.  It is so comfortable and easy to wear! )

You have seen this blanket before.  It is for my neice who will be delivering a baby girl in just a few weeks.  I finished the blanket weeks ago, but the folding of it caused some puckering, so I wet it and am blocking it out once again.  The bag is my laundry size from Drawstrings and it is her nursery fabrics. I will wrap the blanket in it and gift it to her.  The bag will then become the laundry bag for the nursery. Double duty!!

{Happy and Unhappy}

Rachel had tubes put in her ears yesterday and you can already tell the difference in the way she reacts to sound.  She was having a great time in the garden.  Hearing the birds I think was a new sound for her.  She was fascinated!

Patrick, on the other hand, was not at all happy that mommy and daddy had left him with grandmother.  He got over it fairly quickly ( with a little popsicle bribe)  :))) After reading Aunt Leila's post yesterday on 5 year old boys I am sure I did all the wrong things today!


This part of our family room is rather dim.  The light comes from behind this bookcase and never really illuminates the room.  So I thought I might make it a little festive while giving a small amount of light. I think it is perfect.  Mr. Golfer says the jury is still out.  Spoken like a true lawyer.

Do you see my iron chairs?  If I ever get to that part of the garden I will pull that Trumpet Vine out.  For right just have to chuckle when you pass by.


Just beautiful daylilies doing what they should do in the Texas heat. Bloom and shine in all their glory!

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  1. I think it is better to have a few well loved dresses / outfits that we truly feel good in than many that we do not!!! lovely pictures and moments! I am for giving the Popsicle... :) sometimes just a quick distraction can help a child turn a corner! :):) I am gearing up for kids coming as of next week myself! I think of you in all of this... lovely bag btw! :)

  2. Such a sweet baby gift that is! Just lovely.
    I had tubes in my ears when I was a child & it made a huge difference in my hearing. I do still have trouble hearing out of my left ear because my eardrum is pretty scarred, but I think it would be much worse if I hadn't had them. I hope Rachel continues to do well. :) xo