Monday, June 23, 2014

Happy Monday!

 Good morning!  A rainy weekend and beginning to the week. No one here is complaining because we need the rain so much!

I finished the design for the camera backpack for Drawstrings.  It probably doesn't look any different from the backpack.  That is because most of the change is not visible.  The bag is lined with quilt batting and has a firm bottom. I also added clips to the shoulder straps to keep them together.It works very well!

We had a baby shower yesterday.  You may recognize that blanket.  Added to it is the laundry size bag  in my niece's nursery fabrics.  She really loved both and said there was no way she would put dirty clothes in that bag.  I assured her is would wash!

The rain was a blessing and a curse for the garden. It makes it so easy to weed, but so hard to get to the weeds! And look at that pepper!!  I am so much a flower gardener, but not so much veggies.  So I began with just a pepper plant because we eat so many.  It's growing!!

I have a new bird feeder.  My youngest daughter ordered one from this etsy shop.  When she picked up her feeder, there happened to be an extra.  It just jumped into my hands and came home with me. This is just outside my studio window and I love watching the birds while I am sewing.

The week ahead is filled with lots of plans. A trip to the zoo is in order this week with a few of the grandchildren.  There is a new exhibit of giant bugs!

Hope your weekend was great!  Back tomorrow with Reflections.


  1. how lovely!!! :) everything! :) thank you for your comment last week and your prayers. Gearing up now!!!

  2. That camera backpack is wonderful - what a great idea!
    Your garden is looking so beautiful. It's still so early in the season here, compared to there, so things aren't quite as lush and lovely just yet... xo