Monday, June 16, 2014


:: Family
So much going on here.  Like everyone, we celebrated Father's Day.  Lot's of food and fun and grandchildren!  Just what I like.  Today we celebrated two more birthdays.  My oldest son in law and what would have been my mother's 83rd.  I make the trip to the National Cemetery about twice a year.  I love leaving flowers from my garden that mother would have picked.   Cailtin has left her job and is now free lance writing.  I am praying about this constantly.  Would you? Rachel has ear surgery early this morning.  Over most likely before many of you read here.  Prayers for her as well?

:: Catholic Faith
I am enjoying reading The Little Oratory, but have also delved deep into some writings from Pope Benedict.
This book caught my eye in the library and I brought it home.  I am feeling the need to dig deeper into understanding.  Do we do this as we age? Wanting to really have all the answers?  I am also deciding whether to search for a spiritual director.  I'm not sure how to proceed. I may make a phone call or two this week.

:: Scripture/ Prayer
I am back listening to the Divine Office.  I like hearing the prayers spoken rather than reading for my self.  It seems to hold me longer.  I love the prayers of the Church. Knowing that so many are joined together at once is not only astounding, but it is comforting.

I love this Chevron blanket.  The pattern is simple to memorize and I am knitting with my favorite cotton.  Look for a picture tomorrow!  I ordered a different color of lavender for the next one.  I will preview that on Yarn Along as well.

:: Drawstrings
Ladies...bags are selling everyday and there is usually a sale of some sort.  Currently, if you want a large bag, they are 25% off with the coupon code  LARGEBAG.  I have new fabrics just today and a wedding now to do.  Look for a post this week just on these new ventures!

:: Garden
Most of the weeding has been done and now the heat has started to set in.  Watering will need to happen twice a week.  Blooms will come from the heat loving plants that are native to our area. It is always sad to see our short Spring fade away.  We are just days away form the Summer Solstice.  Another mark in time.

:: Home
I am beginning to get into a routine now that I am home most days.  I love homekeeping.  The rhythm of chores that give me some control. Being able to work from home and dash off to transfer a load of laundry or feed the birds outside my studio window is very pleasant to me. I was made to be at home. I was created to nurture that is for sure.

I would like this week to offer up intentions for each of you.  While I am sewing or housekeeping, please let me lift you up.  Would you leave me a comment and allow me this privilege?


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  1. I can see that you have been given a time of peace and quiet admits all of this! God bless and keep you! I am going to email you a thing for prayer... much love to you and excited about all the sewing things!!!