Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Mother!

We did celebrate Father's Day yesterday in  a big way.  Guess who went off without the camera?  Yeah, I'll take that responsibility for not capturing a day with my guys. All of us, except dear Caitlin were together.  Oh those grandchildren!  They just love playing and creating mischief.

The garden just keeps producing those heat loving blooms.  This time of year in Texas is a showcase for Crape Myrtles of every color.  And yes, you can spell it that way.  Crape or Crepe.  Either one is correct.

Today would have been my mother's 83rd birthday.  I could write a book about this woman and her life.  Maybe someday I will.  But let me just tell you... I know many of us, especially if you are my age, have someone in their lives who was or is a pillar of strength.  They lived through the depression and raised children in circumstances we would think intolerable.  That's my mother.  Widowed when I was 9, she was our pillar of strength.  Kept us going until she married my step father, a man we always called Dad, and then worked long years to put my brother and me through college.  We were never wealthy by the world's standards, but we had what we needed to grow and we were expected to grow.  Life was not always rosy and there are stories to tell, but this woman made sure we would have a life better than hers.  Is'nt that what mothers of that generation wanted?  Their children to be more successful than they were?

I've learned some different lessons on that.  It will probably be a later post, but for today...Happy Birthday Mother!

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