Monday, July 28, 2014

It Didn't Happen

I had the best intentions of writing this thought provoking post on aging.  You know, those of us who have hit the 50 year mark and are very close to the next milestone?

But having 3 of the grandchildren, ages 4,2 and 10 months for 3 days just leveled me.  At this moment, only about 30 minutes post mommy and daddy pickup, I'm laying in bed writing this from my iPad because there is no energy to open the laptop.

So tomorrow, two of the daughters retrieve me in the morning and take me to a yarn shop over in Dallas that I have never seen.  Then to lunch somewhere and a big family party tomorrow night.

You see it's my birthday:))))

I'll be back on Wednesday and let you know how it feels to be a year older ( and wiser). :))))

Oh that picture?  My engagement picture 36 years ago.  The second one?  This summer.  Aging:((


  1. it's ok to age! in heaven it will be different... but... we need you in this world as you are now! <3

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating!

  3. Oh Wanda! You are a lovely woman and your years have only made you more so! :) Pushing 51 this fall and knowing just how you feel. Our culture screams that youth is all that matters. While I'm not just giving up, I am embracing these years and doing my best to see them through the eyes of God's economy. Belated happy birthday to you, my friend! :) xo ~Lisa