Wednesday, July 2, 2014


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round button chicken


Oh the garden is just so pretty!  My first green pepper and the beginnings of pumpkins!  Won't the grandchildren love a pumpkin patch at Grandmother's house!!!


Lilah is taking swimming lessons for the 2nd year.  She really drags her feet to get there, but then loves being in the water.  Doesn't hurt that she gets an ice cream after each lesson :)

{ Real}

I wish I had a picture for this section.  Sadly, I did not take a picture of my car being towed. :(( Yesterday was really just a miserable day.  It has been a long while since I have had a day like that. Having purchased a new iPad Mini the night before, we got home to find that it had not been set up properly, nor had my old one been cleared off so that Mr. Golfer could use it.

This morning found me at the Apple Store which experience resembles getting your drivers license renewed.  You want to put your arms over your face in an X and say, " No! Don't make me"!  But there I was and in the process I decided that the Mini was not going to work and went for the full iPad Air.   It took 2 hours to get it set and people let me tell you.....get ready.... None of my knitting patterns transferred.  None.  Nada.  We are talking close to a hundred patterns I had on my PDF app.  So I need to email iAnnotate and try to resolve this.  That is 4 years worth of patterns!

Then on my way home my car decided to let me know via message that I needed to stop the car immediately.  I was right at a La Madeline ( God is good:))), so I pulled in.  Mr. Golfer was not answering his phone.  Turns out he was at Adoration!   I called the insurance because we have towing assistance.  How do I know this?  For the first time in 35 years of marriage, we have had to have both cars towed in the span of 2 weeks!

I had put out a Facebook message as to what was happening.  So many gracious responses!  Thank you to all of my friends for wanting to rescue me.  My youngest daughter Mary was just a few minutes away!

I hope your week is going better than mine! Linking up with Aunt Leila!


  1. I hope all the patterns get transferred - what a hassle, although not as much as the car fiasco. God is good, La Madeleine is a balm when stranded!

  2. Wanda, if you are not on ravelry, you need to be. All my patterns are saved there, and the ones I purchased, in the library there. Hopefully ravelry won't go away!

    1. Yes Barbara, I am on Ravelry and all my purchased patterns are there, but I had so many downloaded from other sites. Unfortunately the app I use does not back up to the ICloud .:(

    2. They might be uploadable to Google Drive....