Thursday, July 3, 2014

Evening Musing

I don't get to spend much personal time with my daughter Julia, but today we  had that time.  I met her with the children for Rachel's post op visit and then we took them downtown to the fountains. These fountains are a new addition in our city.  There are hours during the day that children can play and splash in them.  We had so much fun watching Rachel and Patrick and just talking like mother and daughter. Bliss.

This garden of mine.  What can I say.  Twenty six years of creating and there is always so much more to do.  All yards evolve and all need constant care.  On my walk through this evening, this is what my camera eye caught.  And as I walked I thought about how some of these plants are not meant to grow here and how my hands and heart have coaxed them.  Those that have been covered in snow and some  pushed out in the rain.

  I believe this yard is a picture of who I am and a life of its own to leave after me.

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