Friday, August 15, 2014

A New Routine and Knitting Progress


Our Catholic schools began this week.  It is the normal time here in Texas as they like to end at the end of May.  Our public schools have another week yet before they return.

My grandmother role changed this year.  Because of my back injury, doing the amount of physical care I was doing last year is impossible.  The lifting all day just lands me right in bed and that is the most uncomfortable place to be.  So I am doing all the school pickup.  Three of the five grandchildren are in preschool.  Currently they are in two different schools, but their day ends at different times.  So I pickup at 2 and then at 3.  And the perk is I get to see all 5 grandchildren every day!!!

When I was a young mother picking up my own children from school this was a favorite part of my day.  I loved hearing firsthand about their day and sharing in the smiles of being together after a long day.

So Patrick began his first year in Catholic preschool.  Being a young 5 year old, it was decided to let him have one more year before kindergarten and I think that was a wise choice.

The first day of school was Wednesday and we celebrated by having a great big ice cream after pickup.  It has been a long time since he and I have had alone time and these afternoons are special.

I'm not sure what rocket fuel has been placed inside my knitting needles, but this year I have churned out projects at an alarming rate.  This shawl was began last Friday and I am already into the short rows that will complete the crescent shape.  Amazing!

And also....remember that yarn shop that ordered 16 Drawstrings bags?  They ordered 10 more!  

Must keep sewing......must keep sewing..... 


  1. Your children and grandchildren are so lucky to have you. Just don't lift anybody into a car seat or you'll be back in bed again!

    1. You are ao right! Thank goodness those I pick up from school can climb in and out!

  2. how lovely! I am glad for you! yes, you have been making many things! so glad for your business picking up so well!!! I use my bag daily!!! :))))

  3. you must have been crowned granny-of-the-year (at least the school year!) with that ice cream cone....yummmy. and congrats on the growing business....i still haven't found a better bag. :)

  4. hope your back improves and thank goodness you can sew and knit! Your grand looks quite happy with the new schedule!

  5. I need some of that rocket fuel and know how!! I'm really happy that the new schedule is going to give you that 'pick up' time. I have also loved that.