Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How to Wrap a Gift Drawstrings Style

With the exception of Christmas, I stopped using wrapping paper for gifts years ago.  It just felt like I was dropping dollar bills into the trash every time the gift was opened and that paper was wadded up and tossed.  For a while I bought white boxes from the Container Store and put my blankets in those.  They were pricey but can be reused for years!  In fact all my girls wedding veils are stored in one.

With the advent of Drawstrings, gift giving became simplified.  This is the blanket I knit for my youngest daughter's boyfriend's sister.  Did you get that?  I know!  Matching the nursery colors of gray and pink, I found this chevron fabric that was very close to the blanket itself.  This is the laundry size bag and is perfect for hanging next to the changing area for all those dirty clothes.

 The tote bag was found at our local Dollar Tree store.  They are a light weight plastic and can be used repeatedly.  This polka dot was perfect and I found the gray tissue to match.  All for $2!

The Drawstring bag sits comfortable inside.  I think the match is perfect!

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  1. What a lovely way to wrap a gift! You are so very creative and thoughtful! :)