Sunday, August 3, 2014

Blog Hop Surprise!

My good friend Steph over at Woolythyme nominated me for a blog hop!  The idea is to answer 3 questions about creativity and inspiration.  So here goes!

1.  What have been the doings/ making/ scribblings at your desk/ making table this week?

This past week two of my daughters took me to a yarn shop in Dallas for my birthday.  While there I showed the owner my Drawstring bags.  She loved them and ordered 16!!!  16!!!!  So I have been sewing like a mad woman!  The room, cutting table and sewing table are scattered with fabric and a serious mess.  But I am grateful for the business and the visibility!

2.  Where are you currently finding your inspiration?

There are so many places I find inspiration.  Nature and my garden certainly lends the colors I am drawn too, but people and events serve me well too.  My grandchildren have been the impetus for the backpacks and I do a good deal of knitting for them.  A friend's wedding gave me the idea for the bridal bags.  I have plans for a bag for an exercise mat, but just haven't begun yet.  Time is certainly an issue!

3.  How important is being creative to you and how do you blend this with your work life/ family balance?

For me the blending is not difficult. Retired now, I don't have children underfoot or all the responsibilities I once had.  Granted, I play an important role with my daughters and grandchildren, but I have much more time than now to work on my business and hobbies.  I knit and sew every day. I never leave the house without my knitting and will pull it out at a moments notice if there is down time.

I am grateful for the creative inspiration that God has bestowed on me.  I don't see myself gaining notoriety, but as someone who can use these gifts to help my family and please others.  You see, really I think that is the root of it all.  I love to please others and make them happy.  Being the giver of a gift really returns that gift to God.

Thank you Steph for nominating me!  I will pass the baton along to two others I think bring creativity to new heights.  Kathryn from Team Whitaker and Anna at Pleasant View Schoolhouse are two of my favorites.  Kathryn has the corner on parties and Anna can quilt like nobody's business!


  1. I loved seeing your corner of creativity! Isn't it wonderful to have loads of free time at this age? I always found time to knit but now I have endless knitting time :)

    1. Age does come with some privileges! Thanks for passing on the blog hop!!!

  2. did you clean that desk up just for us?????? you are sooooo creative and SO busy, I can't imagine such a clean organized work space! (yes, now you CAN imagine my mess!!!!) Loved seeing this glimpse into you creative life. Thanks for playing along.

    1. I was only brave enough to show that one corner! The rest is crazy!

  3. how lovely! I esp. love the owl bag, so cute!!! I always bring my knitting with me as well! :))) and it's always in the bag I have that you made! :)