Friday, August 1, 2014

This and That

August 1, 2014 in North Texas and it is 70 degrees this morning!  And the rain is coming in soft drizzles making it impossible to walk or be out in the garden.  But for that I will not complain!

There is the first bloom on the pumpkins!  I so hope this little project takes off.  I want the littles to be able to choose their fall pumpkins from Grandmother's garden.  Wouldn't that be fun?!!  Also, there are 3 more peppers on the plant.  I can't tell that there was really a taste difference from store bought, but it has been fun just going out to pick a pepper for dinner.  The zinnias have been stunning this year.  I do believe the lack of overwhelming heat has played a role.  The zinnias will seed for next year and I am happy with where I planted them, so this is the view I should have in 2015.

That stack of finished knitting?  Amazing!!  I have never been so far ahead in completed projects.  It actually makes me worry just a little that it will be fortuitous that I have these.  Oh, a little pessimist showing through. :)

I have begun another granddaughter sweater for a September birthday.  Now that the yarn was decided on , it is coming along quickly. Always match your knitting to your bag.  What?  You don't? Sounds like you need more bags!  And you know where you can get those :)))

All the hotel reservations have been made for our fall trips.  So funny that 3 trips came so close together, but it should be an nice change from only traveling in the summer. I'm sure this blog will be photo bombed come late August through October!

* As I sit typing this, a message has come through that a co-worker of mine I use to teach with is now in Hospice care.  Tim was an awesome teacher and was across the hall from me for many years.  Last year he was diagnosed with Glioblastoma.  He has fought an incredible fight.  Please pray for Tim and his family.  He has a wife and two teenage sons who need our prayers.


  1. Lord have mercy on Tim and family! This is so difficult! * Praying that you have a peaceful autumn with all those plans.

  2. i think i've missed something about the trips....where are you going?????? someplace fun, i hope!

    prayers sending out to your friend and his family.

  3. Hi Steph! We have 3 trips planned in the next 3 months. One very short for my 40th high school reunion, the second to Montana and Idaho to see one of our daughters and for a wedding, and then to New Orleans for another wedding!

  4. So sorry about your friend and former co-worker...praying.
    Enjoy your fall travels! :)