Friday, August 29, 2014

Defeated But Determined!

I have given up.  Those cool days in July and  the beginning of August were a warning that the heat would one day arrive.  And it did.  Despite the care given throughout the summer, the "dog days of August" took my garden as they sauntered through Texas.  I should not be surprised.  It does this every year.  But every year I hope for a different outcome.  I'm so naive.

So until we have a respite, I have turned my focus indoors.  Orders for Drawstrings are at an all time high and I am sewing more than ever.  I am loving this!  Knowing that this gift I received is being passed on. My friend Elizabeth, my inspiration, is not doing well and things look dismal.  Would you offer up prayers for this sweet woman who loves her family more than her own life?

Inside I am also in wedding mode.  The church has been determined and now we are moving on to reception site.  Tomorrow we will look at a few places.  I want to get that nailed down before Mr. Golfer and I leave on our long trip.  I have enjoyed being the MOB with the older girls.  Guiding them into this new role in their lives, it has been my priviledge to walk along side them during this process.  To do it again with the youngest will be precious to me.

I hope all have a wounderful holiday weekend.  Stay safe and stay cool!


  1. Lord have mercy on Elizabeth and her family! * so glad that drawstrings is going so well * so excited for you to be the MOB again, a lovely thing * well, take comfort that your garden before the heat hit was very beautiful. much love!

  2. You are wonderful and that garden will come right back, don't you worry! Congratulations and I love, love, love the bags!

  3. We are planning a wedding, too -- next June. I should be sewing bridesmaids dresses but everything else is getting pushed ahead of them. I'm going to try and start on Labor Day!

  4. Oh mercy...we live out in Parker County, even drier than in town. It's a vast vista of shriveled, brown vegetation!

    I saw your bags at JSY - and was so tickled that I recognized them as yours!