Monday, September 1, 2014


I'm rally grasping for ideas to write this post.  So much I can't convey.  In one week this wedding planning has consumed me.  That's normal for the first couple of months as the big decisions are made and then there will be some down time.  We have secured the church and the reception venue, both different from the other daughters.  My daughter's fiancé is not Catholic.  The girls have always known that being married outside the Church is not negotiable and they've never balked.  Our youngest hasn't either.  In fact she has made it very clear to her fiancé.  The church they really want is on the campus of TCU.  Because so much of the student body is Catholic, the altar was consecrated by the Bishop.  The couple really both love this church and so we did compromise.  Have I said how well that is going.  We have had many great conversations about keeping to the budget and menu decisions.  They are doing great at compromising and listening to suggestions.  At this point we couldn't be more thrilled.

Tomorrow we meet with our wedding planner.  She has guided us through 2 weddings so far.  I wouldn't do this without her!  She is worth double her weight in gold. We do a lot of the initial planning without her because we have done this before,but when we are nearing the end, she is invaluable.  And that week before the wedding and day of?  We all just enjoy and let her do the work :). It's perfect!

Tomorrow as well, my second oldest granddaughter begins preschool.  She is so pumped! Last week I took her to meet her teachers and she walked in like she owned the place.  That s what a year of watching your older sister do the same will do.

And in the midst of all this I am planning our vacation.  Mr. Golfer and I leave next week for Montana and Idaho.  We are driving and I am so looking forward to knitting time!

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