Monday, September 22, 2014

A 1st and 3rd Birthday!

My oldest daughter's two youngest children were born two years apart, but only by 2 days.  One has a birthday on the 19th and the other the 21st.  This is the first year to celebrate them and at this young age, having that party together works.  It may not always, but it does now.

Lots of pictures of the grandchildren, ( sorry they are all from my phone) so just enjoy:)


  1. happy birthday to the children! You are lucky to have them near so you can photo them :)

  2. oh that is so nice! love that shot with the sweater you made! may these children always be blessed by God and protected!

  3. No apology needed. THey are darling!!! Hmmmwhat happens 10 months before those birth events?
    Christmas? new years? Mistletoe?

  4. I spy a Thomas set... and is that a hand-knit? Oh, how I loved Thomas when my Daniel was little! Belated b-day wishes to your little sweeties! :)