Friday, September 5, 2014

HDYDI: Wedding Planning

I have really neglected this space this week.  The heat here is just relentless and I am so tired after carpool each day ( the getting in and out of the car in the heat) that I just fall into the chair after dinner.

Enough complaining!  I thought since you will be hearing frequently about wedding plans from me that I would take this opportunity to let you follow along.  Most of my readers fall into one of the following categories:  early married, mothers with young children, or grandmothers like me who still have daughters that are not wed. In either category, you might be interested in how we do this.

This is the fourth wedding we have planned.  Our oldest daughter's first wedding was cancelled 8 weeks before the ceremony.  A real blessing!  But the planning and most of the paying was already done, so we are not novices when it comes to this.  That being said, each of our daughters and their grooms have wanted something different.  Some a little more than the others and sometimes a lot more.

We have always been pleased that each of our now son in laws have come to ask not just Mr. Golfer, but both of us if they could marry our daughters.  I think this really sets the tone for how the relationship between us will begin. We are giving away what is priceless to us.  It shouldn't be easy. :)

After the engagement is announced, we determine a date by first asking siblings about anything important they have on their calendars.  The groom to be does the same with his family.  We stay away from any holidays as well.  Cost for a holiday weekend wedding is usually double as the vendors and any help they hire will charge that.  I also think it is not very considerate to ask families to give up a holiday weekend.  For many, they may have traditional plans with their own families and you are not only asking them to choose, but the cost for getting to the wedding will be more.

Once the date is chosen, the first call goes to our wedding planner.  I know that many brides do not use this service, but I think it is the best spent money.  We do a lot of the initial legwork ourselves, because we are old pros at it, but once we get closer to the wedding date the planner takes over.  The week of the wedding and especially the day of she is in complete control.  The girls and I have fun with all the last minute activities and on the day of the wedding we are just as relaxed as can be.  No stress.  If something is not right and our planner feels like she needs input she will let me know.  Otherwise she handles it.  If something goes wrong, we just don't know about it and that is fine with me!

When a date is chosen, we first combine a guest list from both families and then reserve the church.  Our daughters have all known that they must be married in the Catholic Church. That is not negotiable with us. Once that is done, the search is on for a reception site. So far those sites for us have been very formal areas.  One was a country club, another a private club downtown, and presently an historic building downtown that used to be the Sante Fe train station.  It has been converted to a beautiful space ( see pics above).

So at this point, we have a church reserved, a reception site booked, and tomorrow we go gown shopping!  This has to be the most fun of all!  The sisters that are here will join us and we will have a grand day!

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