Monday, September 8, 2014

She said," Yes to the Dress!!!"

That box contains the family wedding veils.  Three to be exact.  Mine and the two oldest daughter's.  Each different in color, length, and edging.  We knew before we went dress shopping that was one purchase we would not have to make.  I think each of us hoped a little that ours would be chosen.

In the end it was the oldest daughter's that will make another appearance down an aisle.  It is a perfect match for the beautiful gown selected.  She is tall, this last born of mine.  5'10" in stocking feet.  Poised and graceful in ways I would never have imagined 26 years ago when she was placed in my arms.  She loves style, but knew before we left for the day what she wanted.  In the end she was just about spot on. 

The entourage included myself, the two sisters in town, her future mother in law and sister in law.  It was perfect.  We all were consistently in agreement with each other helping her consider each dress.  We encouraged her to try on styles she didn't think she wanted just to make sure.

Lace was what she wanted and Chantilly lace is what she got. A slim fit until the knees.  Fit and flare I think they say.  Form fitting and delicate all in one.  A slight bateau neckline with cap sleeves.  It is stunning.  

....and so is she.


  1. that is so exciting! sounds like a beautiful dress!

  2. how exciting and so sweet that the past is marrying the present :)

  3. How wonderful. I love the lace. Blessings and love from Indonesia!