Thursday, September 18, 2014

P,H,F,R .... Hey ya'll!

Its been a while since I have posted a PHFR edition.  It comes on the heels of a Wednesday post that I usually don't miss and although LMLD is fabulous, by Thursday I'm pretty spent.  We arrived home last night after 3510 miles.  It was a wonderful trip. One I will hold dear for a long time.


There are too many pictures to post! Mountains do not all look the same, but I must say those in western Montana and Idaho are about the best.  Yellowstone National Park is an amazing place and even if you are careful, elk can run right in front of your car from absolutely nowhere.  Ask me how I know what it feels like to give one a " love tap":( The geysers and paint pots are just incredible.  I videoed some for the grandchildren hoping they will be equally amazed.


We spent wonderful days with our daughter Caitlin and her special guy.  They helped us experience things we never had before and were just wonderful hosts.  As much as I miss having her near, she is happy and healthy and what more could a mother ask for?


You may have seen these a few days ago, but they bear showing again.  Our first time out fly fishing. Mr. Golfer was very methodical about his style.  He caught one fish.  I listened to Zach and cast my line.  5 fish!!! They just kept biting!  We had so much fun!!!


The reality always hits when you arrive home.  I must say those that the Drawstrings bags were perfect for laundry on our trip.  I put 5 days of clothes in there!

Linking up this morning with Aunt Leila!!!!


  1. I know that laundry pile up well... our hamper is about to overflow, sigh... :)

    Lovely photos! looks like a special time for all! :)

  2. Ive never heard them called paint pots. OMG such lovely water colors.
    Great images. I must go to Yellowstone