Saturday, September 27, 2014


The ragweed hit me Wednesday and it has taken a couple of days to recover.  Initially I just wanted to dunk my head in water and be done.  Allergies are that bad.  But after loading myself with enough meds and oils, I began to come out of the fog.

Patrick is playing T ball this fall. We drive down to watch him "play".  It's cute.  No outs or strikes.  Just learning to hit the ball and run.  If you watch  them closely enough you might see them wandering around picking things off the ground or looking in the sky.  Their attention span is limited at 4-5.

Rachel spends time cleaning the bleachers.  She is very into wiping things.  Eating is a favorite pastime and today we found a playground and a slide.

I finally found a knitting themed fabric and have been adding more bags to the shop.  I think they are cute.  There is a limited amount though.

I found buttons for my Puereprium Cardigan.  I will post pics as soon as the finishing touches are on!  Enjoy your weekend!,


  1. Oh the fun of a baseball game! My son did tee ball way back when, he was more interested in kicking the weeds than playing. Love your sheep themed bags!

  2. Rachel the cleaner is too too funny!