Monday, October 20, 2014

Back Home

We took a trip this last weekend to New Orleans.  Our best friends for over 30 years were celebrating the marriage of their youngest daughter.  No way we would miss that!  Two of our daughters, along with the husband of one and the fianc√© of the other went as well.  It was fun to travel with them and enjoy this event.  Other close friends traveled there as well, so it was just a great time to be community as we once were before jobs and family changed our lives.

The wedding was lovely, the company was perfect and the weather amazing!  We did have time to do a little site seeing.  I didn't take many pictures though.  The NO streets are crowded and I was nervous about dropping my camera.

After lots of discussion about times to leave on Sunday, we ended up attending Mass at a Jesuit parish.  Immaculate Conception was stunning!  Mr. Golfer remarked how your eye was continually drawn upward....a thought not to be lost:))

While away, my sister in law supervised the moving of our daughter Caitlin's piano.  This instrument was a Make A Wish gift 12 years ago when she was suffering intensely from Crohn's Disease.  It has been a fixture in our house, but a memory for her that she is ready to put behind.  This disease is never cured, but she has been in remission for several years thanks to her determination to care for herself in an incredible way.  So it has moved on to another who will love it as much as we have.

This week will be busy.  Saturday will bring a blog post by a great friend featuring Drawstrings and an announcement in the shop as well!  Much to get ready!  My youngest granddaughter turns 2 this weekend as well.  Party time!

Hope your week begins well!!!!

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  1. welcome back! what a wonderful time you had, so glad!!!